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1. What is CTE?

Ans: CTE (Control, Takedown & Escape) is a revolutionary, split-second personal protection system, that won’t leave you fighting.

2. What is CTE’s method?

Ans: CTE’s method is based more in awareness skills than in technical skills and techniques. Awareness of your surroundings, posturing and positioning, will allow you to assess the situation and take action according to your own situation. This is preferable to having to respond to a hostile situation, especially if you are with your family and loved ones. However, we realize that situations can escalate quickly. That is where CTE’s revolutionary split-second techniques will allow you to takedown an assailant, if necessary, with minimal risk to you and your loved ones with you.

3. How did CTE originate?

Ans: 30+ years in development, CTE originated through the extreme efforts of Dr. /Grandmaster Shay. Through his own studies of the martial arts, he realized that every style had its own faults and flaws. Through his own studies of the physics of the human body, the neurological responses of the human mind, coupled with his medical knowledge of the human body, using a scientific approach, he was able to develop techniques that will incapacitate some one before their mind has a chance to process what is happening and to respond.

4. What makes CTE different from other personal protection systems?

Ans: CTE is fun, easy to learn, and more effective with less training than other systems. CTE is the only system that uses natural body positions that don’t require muscular strength, youthful speed, or excessive training for co-ordination or reaction times.

5. What is the advantage of CTE over other martial arts and fighting system?

Ans: CTE takes into account that not everybody is created equal, or has the time to spend training hours a day to improve on skills, speed, and strength. CTE gives the advantages back to you. CTE does not teach you to overcome any opponent through strength or speed. This is something that other systems promise, but do not deliver.

6. Why should I learn CTE instead of martial arts or other fighting system?

Ans: Unlike in these fighting systems (remember CTE is NOT fighting) in which you need to be stronger, faster, or have a better day than your opponent and which require months, if not years, of training to become proficient , CTE can be applied simply, and effectively after just the first seminar. This is due to our revolutionary thought and theory, which changes your own view point towards “fighting.”

7. Why is CTE so easy and fun to learn?

Ans: CTE has been designed from the start to be simple and effective. We teach from a “Why???” system. If you don’t understand, ask us “Why???” We will be glad to explain it to you. In this manner, you have a full understanding of not only what you are doing, but WHY you are doing it and WHY it is better and more effective.

8. Why CTE can be quickly learned and effectively applied after only one seminar?

Ans: CTE from the start had to be simple and effective so that ANYONE could use it. CTE was designed so that through positioning and posturing, women could escape a male attacker, through awareness, older men could avoid, and steer their families away from, a group of younger men bent on trouble. CTE also had to be simple so that in a life-threatening situation, it could be applied using basic human movement and to take advantage of natural body responses.

9. What about CTE vs. armed attackers?

Ans: CTE Weapons Disarmament seminar addresses this issue specifically. In any armed vs. unarmed situation, the armed has a distinct advantage. However, it also has very distinct and limiting disadvantages! CTE will show you what these are and how to use them to protect yourself and escape the situation.

10. Why should someone use hands-on techniques if they are equipped with deterrent weapons such as chemical irritants or handguns?

Ans: Great question!!! Simple answer. Two things: One, the situation may develop too quickly to allow you to effectively and safely deploy such weapons. Two, the legal issues associated with deploying such weapons. CTE thought and theory, and techniques are designed to affect your escape and keep you safe with minimal exposure, be that to the danger presented by your assailant, or to you by your own actions. You are always responsible for your own actions, and keeping a clear awareness of the situation and your surroundings will allow you to make better informed decisions under stress.

11. Why would CTE be an asset to Law Enforcement/Private Security?

Ans: CTE’s basic thought and theory principles increase awareness, posturing and positioning for any situation. CTE techniques, while principally designed for safely escaping a dangerous situation, can be used to effectively control and takedown an assailant if necessary, while maintaining awareness of the situation and the surrounding area.

12. What makes CTE better than the basic techniques taught in police and security academies?

Ans: CTE is not based on fighting systems. Fighting gets emotional and will cloud your judgment and awareness. This can be a fatal mistake in that line of work.

13. Why would CTE be an asset to private citizens?

Ans: Peace of mind. The father in the mall with his family. The mother waiting to pick up her children after school. Both parents at work while the children get home from school. There is not a loving parent anywhere that doesn’t worry over their children’s safety all the time. Whether that child is a grown adult or an infant, parents will worry. CTE’s programs from Children’s Aware and Go and Family Home Protection to the Personal Protection series of seminars, are designed so that anyone, regardless of age can protect themselves and escape a life-threatening situation.

14. Corporations have their own security teams in their buildings, but what about executive protection?

CTE’s Corporate Risk Management seminar explains how to set-up safety stations, safe-rooms and an emergency exit plan, but what makes us different? We also cover in-building day to day movement, for the executive. How the executive can keep himself/herself safe from his/her front door in the morning, to his/her parking spot, and from there to his/her office chair. How he/she can be forewarned of any developing dangerous situation, without a tell-tale phone call.

15. How does the general public view CTE?

Ans: Everyone who has participated in any seminar has been astonished by our methods. CTE’s thought and theory and the “WHY???” system of teaching has made it extremely easy to understand. While some have professed that it does take a little work to get right and some practice to maintain, all have agreed that it is nowhere near the amount required to keep skills learned in fighting systems. Best of all is that it doesn’t require you to be strong, or fast to use effectively.