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Team Specialists

SeniorMasterFaganSenior Master Michael Fagan

Temple-Kwan-Do Certified International Instructor

Senior Master Fagan holds a Master Degree in Temple-Kwan-Do (all aspects of true Martial Arts Systems). Master Fagan is Dr./Grandmaster Shay’s long time student and protégé and has been privately instructed by Dr. Grandmaster Shay in all aspects of Temple-Kwan-Do and is running World-Wide Seminar Certification Programs for Temple-Kwan-Do Certifications. Senior Master Fagan has also studied CTE EE-OPPS with Dr./Grandmaster Shay.

 BillHinesBill Hines

Temple-Kwan-Do Certified International Instructor

Mr. Hines has been a long time student of Dr./Grandmaster Shay’s Temple-Kwan-Do and CTE EE-OPPS. Bill is Senior Master Fagan’s protégé and right hand man in all operations of Master Fagan’s Temple-Kwan-Do Seminar / Workshops.


nickNick Sbarro

CTE Certified International Instructor

Mr. Sbarro is also Certified by Dr./Grandmaster Shay to head up and run his own Qi Gong / Power Chi Private Seminar / Workshops in Pennsylvania and Maryland.



StevenSteven Shay

CTE Certified International Instructor






LeonLeon Shay

CTE Certified International Instructor






WayneWayne Ryvre

CTE Certified International Instructor

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