dennis2Dennis Kouri


Mr. Kouri served over 8 years with the U. S. Navy in the Nuclear Propulsion field and has studied the martial arts and various other fighting and defensive systems for over 18 years. Having extensive experience with learning, training and teaching fighting and defensive systems, he has a unique perspective on CTE Personal Protection:


“I noticed early on in my training that the martial arts did not always deliver what it promised. Size and strength always factored in, regardless of how well the technique was applied. Things simply did not work for the smaller people or the elderly. CTE has the only system that does. Simple as that. You won’t believe it or even fully understand it until you participate in one of the seminar/workshops.”


matt2Matthew Hicks


Mr. Hicks is a veteran of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL Teams. He has over 11 years of martial arts and other fighting experience. He has over 6 years of military and civilian security and defense experience. He has attended numerous military schools including Physical Security Detail and Close Quarters Battle School.


“Before studying with CTE I depended on fighting and various muscle techniques for my own personal protection and security details. Now after studying CTE, I have learned how not to depend on muscle techniques which worked for me when in top physical condition and fighting one person at a time. With CTE I have learned how not to fight, but how I can control multiple situations quicker and much more effectively no matter what physical condition I’m in. The bottom line is CTE works no matter how fast, big, strong or small you, or your aggressors, are.”

mjMichael Johnson (MJ)


Michael Johnson heads up the CTE’s Law Enforcement Division. Michael Johnson is currently a Deputy Sheriff working within our prison systems.


kieranKiran Hill


Kiran is a former Special Operations Force Recon Marine Officer who now works in the private sector and on assignment overseas.



"Qi Gong Power Chi and CTE Seminar/Workshops have raised physical and mental efficiency levels beyond all expectation. Challenges and tasks which once required mountains of energy and force have now become effortless. Physical demands are now met with flowing ease. Mental tasks are accomplished more quickly with less stress in a most tranquil state of mind. Dr./Grandmaster Shay has truly created the worlds finest and most effective personal development system. Incredibly life changing. Sincere gratitude to Dr./Grandmaster Shay and to the staff of The World Yin & Yang Centers."---Nicholas S.

"My name is Marie S. I met Dr. Shay in early spring of 2003. My husband Nick of 51 years is also my business partner of 41 years. We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. All of whom have benefited greatly through Dr. Shay's instructional system, the art of internal healing. Qi Gong Power Chi and CTE and many more techniques. As a recipient of his many gifts, whether instructional, healing or spiritual advice, I've come to realize I'm still learning the Universal laws in which he lives by. My health got to a point where it was failing. My life was dependent on his knowledge of Universal healing. I was at a point where my emotions and my body were giving out, stroking and numb to life. I gave everything to my business and family and others to the point I lost myself. Dr. Shay never gave up on me and helped me rebuild from the inside out, my soul, health, and my mind. He gave his tireless energy, strength and softness and showed me what the real Universal living meant by his example. I don't even recognize the woman I once was and I couldn't be happier. I am so grateful for his healing and his gifts of knowledge and his never-ending commitment to me and my family. His instruction will lead you down the path of Qi Gong Power Chi living. So don't wait, start this moment, as Dr. Shay says "Are you in the moment?" Gifts don't come free, you need to tap into yourself and seek. Start your Universal lifestyle for you and your loved ones today!"---Marie S.

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