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Dr/Grandmaster Shay in the orient, Performs the World’s Most Difficult Break

The Speed-Power-Angle Break

The block must be struck with such force and speed, on a particular angle, so as that, two-thirds of the horizontal block must break downwards, while the other third must explode up, over and outside of the vertical block it rests on. Neither vertical block may fall. Dr./GrandMaster Shay, was the only man in the world to invent and accomplish this break. To this day, no one else have been able to accomplish the world’s most difficult break.

Heads a team of selective Elite Security Specialists who have specialized experience in all

Elite Facets of Personal Protection

  • Former US Marine
  • Recognized as The World’s Leading Personal Protection Expert
  • Having 50+ years of Martial Arts Personal Protection and Security experience

Dr. Grandmaster Shay has spent 25 years developing a Revolutionary, Integrated, Synergetic easy to learn personal protection systems combining eastern medicine, physics, scientific data, and neurological responses of the human body into the World’s Most Elite Personal Protection Systems Today!

Dr. Grandmaster Shay spent decades studying eastern medicine and martial arts at its original source.

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